We can’t begin to express how humbled we are by all the attendees, volunteers, and artists of Canada Zouk Congress 2017. Wow.

To our wonderful artists, thank you for giving so much of yourselves this weekend. So many of you went above and beyond the requirements of simply being “staff”, and we can’t thank you enough. Without you, we couldn’t realize our goals of being an educational event, with a strong sense of belonging and family. Each and every one of you exceeded our expectations of professionalism and kindness.

Jaime, thank you for helping grow the minds of Zouk pros in your professional development program. Thank you also to both you and Kiri for choosing CZC to debut your routine. It was also a great surprise to have you choreograph a number for Nadine as part of Cirque du Zouk. It is truly an honor.

Renata, thank you for tirelessly working with us to develop the Teachers Training Program this year at CZC. Your hard work made the experience unforgettable and valuable to the brand-new Zouk teachers who are looking to start their own communities all around the world. We can’t imagine how long you worked on the materials for the lectures and presentations.

Clinton and Cristi, thank you for taking on the Newcomer track at CZC, and simultaneously supervising the Teachers Training Program candidates. The feedback we are hearing from the beginners about your welcoming spirit and crazy teaching skills is phenomenal.

Jorge, thank you for doing double-duty, teaching with both Renata and Vanessa, and helping with the teachers training lectures. Freddy and Andressa, thank you for sharing your knowledge with all the teachers in training.

Freddy, Andressa, Renata, Jorge, Vanessa, Clinton, Cristi, Ember, Susan, Danielle, Ariana, Nadine, Xtine and the rest of the Seattle crew, Igor, Christina, Ry’el and Jessica: thank you for being part of Cirque du Zouk 2017. You all created beautiful work that truly made this Cirque inspirational for everyone involved. Thank you also to Davy and Grace for contributing choreography to the Toronto routines, and Alyona for working to get everyone from out-of-town up to speed on group sections of the choreographies.

Anna, Mafie, Ryel, Shani, Freddy, Andressa, Jessica, Bruno, Jorge and Vanessa: thank you for taking time during lunch to tell dancers about the different styles of Zouk, and the qualities that make a great social dancer. Hearing from people fully immersed in the world of dance really does help to expand the minds of everyone.

To our amazing teachers: Jaime, Renata, Jorge, Vanessa, Freddy, Andressa, Clinton, Cristi, Bruno, Mafie, Anna, Sascha, Tim, Hisako, Zandro, Brad, Jonathan, Caney, Junyan, Sarah, Shani, Ry’el, Jessica, Davy, Natalia, Xtine, Igor, Christina, Kendra, Shay, Jules and the rest of the Interfusion crew, Peter, Trajano, Shannon, Eddie, and Firefly, thank you for helping to expand the minds of all the people at the congress.

Lorde, Mafie, Kakah, Igor, Power, Smooth-ee, Ben, Shravan, Colin, and Horacio: thank you for the music. We can’t remember a single time this weekend where the dance floor wasn’t full of energy.

MC Alex, thank you for all the work you put into promoting Zouk. Without you, the world of Zouk would be quite a bit smaller in North America.

To our media crew Edwin, Clement, Alice, Abhi: thank you for capturing all the moments. We can’t wait to get them up for the world to see.

Our volunteer team was INSANE (in a good way). We can’t believe how fully you all committed yourself to the congress. It was so touching that you were willing to give so much for the success of the event. Without your positivity and willingness to help, this congress couldn’t have been a success.

David Matsumoto, we want to extend a very special thank you for all your hard work behind the scenes. Without you and your around-the-clock support, we would never have been able to hold CZC at the Japanese Canadian Cultural Center. Without you, CZC would not be the same experience. Arigato.

Thank you Kaylyn for being our partner, helping us organize all the pre- and post-events, as well as for helping us host so many of the artists.

Thank you, also, to the performers for entertaining us each night. And, to the many, many social dancers who came and supported us. It is a truly touching experience to get so much support and encouragement from you.

We want to extend also our gratitude to all the newcomers who took a chance and dove in headfirst this weekend. There were around 50 brand-new Zouk dancers, and we’re incredibly happy to welcome all of you to our family. We hope that you were able to feel the warmth of our community, and have a great time last weekend.

Thank you, merci, obrigado. We couldn’t have done this without all of you.

See you all in 2018
Stay tuned for more info

Darius, Laura & The CZC Team