Canada Zouk Congress is organized by dZouk Productions based in Toronto.

Meet the Organizers

Darius Zi and Laura Riva
Darius, the founder of dZouk Productions, and his partner Laura are both extremely passionate about dance.
They organize world-class events, teach, choreograph and perform frequently around the world.
A year before Canada Zouk Congress, they organized Vision Dance Encounter: the first North American Zouk-West Coast Swing crossover event. VDE was also the first congress in the world to feature blind Zouk dancers and a full-length dance production.

When not organizing full-scale congresses, dZouk runs weekly classes and community socials. They also hold special events, like the BONDing Over Zouk weekender! dZouk was also the first group in Canada to present professional-level Zouk shows both locally and internationally. Their work has been seen on stage in Bermuda, Vancouver, Prague, Amsterdam, Helsinki, Breda, Rio, Montreal, Miami, Boston, New York City, and, of course, Toronto.

Beyond the dance community, Darius and Laura are also dedicated to constantly give back to the community.
They are the first instructors to teach Brazilian Zouk to the blind and partially sighted through their Vision Dance program. Because of its success, the program is growing to encompass more dancers. Darius has been invited to be the keynote speaker at several conferences related to blind educational programs.

In 2014, Darius and Laura founded the Zouk University program.
This program emphasizes teaching Zouk in a structured academic method, in which students progress and practice a technique-based curriculum. As opposed to pattern-based courses, Zouk University is designed to give dancers the technique to create their own, unique and authentic Brazilian Zouk style. Darius and Laura are working to certify more dance instructors to expand this program, and to continue reaching more dancers with their work.

I’m extremely excited about the 3rd edition of Canada Zouk Congress.
It is time to raise the bar. It can only get better!
– Darius

Canada Zouk Congress is the next step for us to continue growing and sharing the vibrancy of our passion: the wonderful dance known as Brazilian Zouk! We can’t wait to see everyone in Toronto.
– Laura